A TL;DR web site testing tool

FrontendTest uses a combination of website auditing and validation tools to distill a short, opinionated list of suggestions. It aims to alert you to the most impactful things you can do to improve your website.

There are three types of FrontendTest results: Errors, shown in red, Warnings, shown in dirty orange, and Considerations, shown in blue.

FrontendTest.com shows a maximum ten results. After you fix those items, you can return to FrontendTest and run the tool again.

If you want more results at once you can run the W3C Developer Toolsindividually on your website, and compile the results.

You can also request a full FrontendTest report using the contact form. If you do, please include the web site you are checking in the message body.

Other excellent tools include:

The Web Development Checklist shows a subset of rules FrontendTest checks for, and well as some things it doesn’t — see the Automated column to see what is covered by FrontendTest. For some items you will need to use another tool or check them manually.

FrontendTest is made by me, Ann Robson, a web developer based in San Francisco, CA. Drop me a line using the contact form if you are interested in hiring me for web development. 😃👍

Twitter: @arobson
Blog: https://htmlhive.com/